Blogging and Sweet Treats.

Hi Everyone!

Throughout this semester I have highly enjoyed the chance to develop my blogging and social media skills. Blogging is certainly something that is completely new to me and this class gave me the chance to develop something that I love, baking, and share my development with the readers of my blog. LottieCakes has shown me that people do enjoy following someone’s development within a specific field. Originally I felt that people would not be interested in following an amateur bakers path to developing the skill, but I was absolutely proven wrong.

While searching for recipe inspiration, I tend to look for pictures. I feel that images give you a true understanding of the steps and final product and therefore give you the best idea of exactly what you’re baking and creating. Throughout my blog I found that it is the most beneficial to provide many pictures. These original pictures that I posted throughout the blog show individual step and processes of my experiences, allowing me to truly connect with my reader. Other tools that I felt were highly beneficial throughout my specific blog were both the video and slide show tool. The video was great as it allowed me to directly talk to my followers and allow them to feel like I am talking directly to them. The slide show tool allowed me to use many more photographs than I would originally be able to use as it condenses them to one place and doesn’t make my blog post so long that nobody finishes reading it.

Storify was a tool that I found least beneficial throughout the semester. I completely understand how it could be useful for topics, such as politics, where there may be a lot of back-story, information, and research used as it allows the reader to see that. However, baking is something that is very personal and therefore it was difficult to find enough information to fill my Storify page.

Technology is constantly changing and people’s views and opinions are always different and conflicting, but advertising is a field where the mass media must be pleased for it to be truly successful. Personally I love social media and the power that it has over people in today’s society. I feel that while social media is currently dominant, it will progress to being an even more dominant way to get advertisements out into the public eye.

This semester has challenged me to use various types of new technology, such as using film and recordings to convey a message. Although I personally don’t want to be in a field that involves me being in front of the camera, I feel that it would be a valuable for me to find comfort in it. Flexibility with advertising and journalism is a true asset and can only benefit me. I want to build a tech savvy brand for myself and this will involve me evolving as social media and technology evolves.

Below is a Chocolate Coconut Pie that I whipped up this past weekend. I was inspired by Martha Stewart to make this! It has a coconut macaroon base and is filled with fresh chocolate ganache! Check out the recipe at It is so simple and tastes too yummy not to try! It would be perfect for any Thanksgiving Feast!!


 Thank you so much for visiting!

– Charlotte.


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