Oreo Balls.

Hi Everyone!

This week has been so incredibly busy and so when it came to this weeks bake, I knew that it had to be something quick and easy! In honor of National Chocolate Day yesterday (October 28th), I decided my bake absolutely had to include chocolate!

This weeks bake is some deliciously easy Oreo Balls. They are much easier than you would think and only require a few simple ingredients, a few minutes, and just a little mess. Now why would you not indulge when it is this easy??


– 1 Pack – Oreos

– 8oz- Cream cheese (softened)

– White or milk chocolate (or both!)

Here is a how-to video about how to create the Oreo ball:

p.s. please forgive my awkwardness… I’m not an “on-screen” kind of person!

Quick method Recap:

– Mix finely grounded Oreos with softened cream cheese and mix into a smooth mixture.

– Divide and roll mix into small 1″ balls and refridgerate for 15 minutes.

Here is a how-to video about how to coat your Oreo Balls with a delicious layer of chocolate:

Quick Method Recap:

– Melt your chocolate.

– Dip your Oreo balls into the chocolate and remove with spoon.

– Place on parchment paper and refridgerate.

I am planning on making more of these for my nephews first birthday in a couple of weeks… but they’re going to be decorative and a little more fun and colorful for his birthday! Bakerella, one of my favorite baking blogs, has some great ideas for fun cake pop decorating ideas at http://www.bakerella.com/its-national-cake-pops-day/. Check them out! I just want them all, although I feel like I don’t have quite enough patience to make most of them.

Thanks for visiting!

– Charlotte.



  1. Oreo balls are one of my all time favorites! Especially when it comes to baking in a time crunch because they are so easy to make! I am loving all your posts and I cannot wait to see more. But I was wondering is how you make the chocolate coating part look so easy? I always have the hardest time with that step and I can’t seem to figure out why…


    1. Hi Taylor! Thanks so much for the positive comments 🙂
      So as far as the chocolate coating you have to make sure that the chocolate is melted to a perfectly smooth consistency or you will end up with a lumpy coating! I was originally going to dip them with tooth picks but that wasnt successful so i found the spoon method to be much easier! Just dip it, coat it, shake off any excess and then place on a cookie sheet gently using another spoon 🙂 hope that helped! Just takes a litfle practice!
      – Charlotte.


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