Hi everyone!

Sometimes I can get so annoyed when good recipes are hard to find and then when it comes to baking, the recipe  quantities are not in units that I like to use… It can take forever to convert all of the ingredients. This happened one too many times and I thought “hmmmmm what can I do to fix this issue?”. Then I thought of creating an app that helps to prevent these problems! Yummy! is an app that allows users to search and store recipes, add their own recipes, convert ingredient measurements, and post in chat rooms about any questions that they may have.

Introducing “YUMMY!”

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 10.54.02 AM

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 11.36.54 PM

Baking Conversion – All you have to do with this is select your ingredient, and then use the drop down boxes to select your original amount and unit and then it will convert it to the new selected unit! So much simpler than fumbling around trying to calculate the weight and continuously getting different answers.

Recipes – This lists many recipes which will be regularly updated. All the reader has to do is scroll and click on the name to see the full recipe. If they wish to save the recipe then they just click the star to the left of the name and it will add it to their personal “Recipe Box”. These saved recipes can be accessed by clicking the large star at the bottom. A user can also add their own recipes to their recipe box. This allows them to have a digitally stored version of a recipe and also makes sharing their recipes much easier.

Yummy! is the perfect app for bakers who don’t have an extensive recipe collection and just want to quickly find something delicious to make! It makes the whole process so easy and convenient!

An app that i am obsessed with is called “The Photo Cookbook”. Here is a sneak peak at http://www.thephotocookbook.com. It costs $3.99  but is worth every single penny! The entire app is just so visually pleasing and makes me so hungry every time that I open it!!

Thanks for visiting!

– Charlotte.


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