Welcome to Lottiecakes!


Welcome to LottieCakes!

My name is Charlotte (Lottie for short). I am a full time student, retail sales associate and a lover of baking!

My love for baking began years ago when I would make fairy cakes at home with my mum and sisters. Although we always made a crazy amount of mess, we always had a blast and ended up consuming way too much sugar. Since then I have always loved spending time baking in the kitchen.

As life gets busier, I seem to find less and less time to bake. Having to prioritize school and work over creating something delicious is never fun. However, bakeries throughout Austin, Texas continue to inspire me to bake more. One of my favorites is Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop (Check out their cupcakes at http://www.sugarmamasbakeshop.com/).

Throughout this blog I hope to find time to expand my current baking knowledge and skills and end up with something hopefully edible and yummy! There are numerous recipes and ingredients that I have wanted to try and this is a great way to finally get to try them and also share my experiences!




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